Finance Manager

Company Name:
Second Presbyterian Church
Reports to: Director of Business and Operations
Hours: Part-time, Exempt (25-30 hours)
Position Summary:
To provide the Director of Business, Finance Committee and Session with relevant financial data necessary to make financial and budgetary decisions.
To administer all financial policies and practices of the church and its related entities.
To oversee the continuous accuracy, efficiency and timely performance of the churchs financial and accounting functions.
Core Responsibilities:
Direct the financial affairs of the church within the scope of responsibility delegated by the Director of Business and Finance Committee with a strong focus on financial statement reporting, internal controls, and clear, effective communication of financial information.
Develop and maintain strong relationships with all stakeholders of the organization, including church staff, the Finance Committee, church members, vendors, bankers, the churchs external accounting firm, and other community partners.
Oversee all accounting functions of payroll, accounts payable, pledges and offerings, restricted memorial gifts, tuition receivables, and account reconciliations.
Supervise and coordinate the work of assistants within the accounting functions, ensuring that standard accounting principles are followed in maintaining the churchs financial records and the safeguarding of assets.
Prepare monthly internal financial statements, and assist external auditors so they can complete the annual audit and tax returns.
Assist in preparing an annual budget and review periodic evaluations; prepare the annual report and annual report to the Presbytery; review pledge and offering trend.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Strong commitment to manage the financial accounting functions with stewardship and integrity.
Strong leadership skills; an analytical team player.
Strong organizational and written communication skills.
Experience preparing, interpreting and clearly presenting financial statements and budgets.
Thorough understanding of Fund Accounting.
Thorough knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles and procedures for a non-profit organization.
Working knowledge of investments and capital management.

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